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From Stained Glass to Fire Glass in Hampstead | Improving Property Value

Property remains one of the single largest investments people make in their lifetime. Whether it’s for domestic or business purposes, potential buyers want to know that the Hampstead property they buy is good value for money. There are seemingly endless ways to create a more desirable property, from the expensive to the cost-effective.

If you’re a Hampstead property owner with the intention of selling in the near future, the glazing options provided by Hond & Langer can help increase its value. From glass splashbacks to fire glass, and from made to measure mirrors to stained glass, we’ve got the experience and know-how to improve your property.

With a same-day window glass replacement service for morning orders, as well as a full installation service, you can see the improvements for yourself in next to no time.

Below, we’ve listed 5 of our most popular services in the Hampstead area.

1. Stained Glass
As stained glass specialists, we design lead in any pattern. Whether our Hampstead customers want to create something completely original, or replicate some existing stained glass for a perfect match, the team at Hond & Langer can do it all. Stained glass not provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to properties, it also offers a greater degree of privacy for windows in prominent places.

2. Fire Glass
For Hampstead property owners with a legal obligation to their occupants, be it residents or staff, fire glass remains an essential addition. As part of wider fire resistance measures, fire glass provides passive protection by slowing the spread of flames and smoke from room to room. In case of an emergency, fire glass offers occupants precious extra time to escape Hampstead buildings in relative safety.

3. Made to Measure Mirrors
Our range of bespoke made to measure mirrors offer Hampstead property owners a professional-looking finish applicable to a range of rooms. From bedroom wardrobe doors to a perfectly fitted bathroom mirror, our made to measure mirrors create the seamless fit that you only get with bespoke products. Whether it’s bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms or halls; Hond & Langer cut made to measure mirrors to fit any space.

4. Glass Splashbacks
An increasing amount of kitchens in the Hampstead area are being fitted with our glass splashbacks. With their bespoke fit and customisable finishes, glass splashbacks offer an easy-clean, low maintenance alternative to tiling. While kitchen tiles might be cheaper to install initially, re-grouting and cracking create extra costs that don’t apply to robust glass splashbacks.

5. Window Glass Replacement
The quality of the windows installed into Hampstead area properties is an often overlooked feature. With increasing importance placed on insulation and energy efficiency, it’s never been more important to have high-performance windows. Our window glass replacement service provides swift installation of the latest double and triple glazing units in a variety of styles to suit any taste. What’s more, if orders are placed in the morning, we deliver your window glass replacement options to your Hampstead property that same afternoon.

To discuss options for stained glass, fire glass, made to measure mirrors, glass splashbacks & window glass replacement in Enfield, Barnet, Hampstead, Palmers Green and Southgate, call 0208 360 5000.

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