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Window Glass and Fire Glass in Hertford | Ensuring Customer Safety

Operating out of our showroom in Enfield, Hond and Langer Ltd have been providing a range of safety glass products for domestic and trade customers, throughout Hertfordshire and the wider London area, since our establishment in 1931. Whether you are a homeowner or landlord, if you are looking to improve the safety and security of your property in Hertford, we offer a variety of installations to suit your needs and budget.

Our personnel share over 100 years of experience as specialists in made to measure mirrors, glass splashbacks, stained glass, window glass and fire glass, all of which we manufacture from safety glass.

We use safety glass with all our products because it is six times more durable than regular glass and doesn’t shatter into sharp jagged pieces when broken.

This helps to ensure the safety of our customers around Hertford.

What is Safety Glass?

Whether used in made to measure mirrors or stained glass windows, the design of safety glass makes it less likely to break. If, however, it experiences extreme force or pressure, it will break into small, round pebbles of glass which are practically harmless. As well as shatter resistance, safety glass is known for its strength, durability and fire resistance. This makes it the perfect material for window glass, glass splashbacks for kitchens and fire glass.

There are three main types of safety glass, which all serve a range of functions to help protect our customers in Hertford, as well as the general public.

Tempered Glass
Also known as toughened glass, the manufacturing process involves uniformly heating annealed glass before rapidly cooling both surfaces at once, in a process known as air quenching. Tempering glass increases its tensile strength, improving its resistance to heat, impact and wind.

Some of the uses for tempered glass include:

Fire Glass
• Automotive Glass
• Glass Splashbacks
• Storefront Window Glass
• Stained Glass Windows
• Microwave Oven Turntable Plates
• Oven Doors
• Glass Bus Shelters

While we also produce tempered made to measure mirrors, customers in Hertford should be aware that they differ in reflective quality and colour from regular glass mirrors.

Wire Glass
Made by adding a welded wire mesh or net into molten glass before entering the rollers, wire glass holds the lite (a piece of cut glass) in place if it breaks. While this ensures protection from shattered shards of glass, wire glass does not count as strengthened glass. It is, however, a suitable replacement for fire glass as it helps fire-rated doors and windows meet most fire codes in the Hertford area.

Laminated Glass
Produced by adding a layer of plastic, or polyvinyl butyral (PVB), between two glass lites before fusing in an autoclave oven. This process is ideal for reflective, heat-resistant, clear, tinted or tempered glass. This makes it perfect for fire glass, glass splashbacks, made to measure mirrors and even stained glass windows.

Not only is laminated glass favoured for its versatility, but it has a higher impact resistance than both regular annealed glass and tempered glass. Burglars and vandals will find it almost impossible to break into a property with laminated window glass, especially as they will be unable to use glass cutters.

This makes it ideal for shop windows in the Hertford area.

In addition to its incredible durability, laminated glass blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet transmission and offers impressive soundproofing.

Call us on 0208 360 5000 for safe, shatter-resistant fire glass, stained glass, window glass, glass splashbacks and made to measure mirrors in the Hertford area.

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