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Fire Glass & Glass Splashbacks in Palmers Green | The Glass we Use

Hond & Langer are specialist glass merchants who create, repair and restore an array of glassware products and fixtures in the Palmers Green area. Whether it’s stained glass, fire glass, made to measure mirrors, glass splashbacks or one of our many window glass replacement options, we strive to produce results of the highest quality with as swift a turnaround as possible.

Whatever type of glassware or service customers in Palmers Green require, our glaziers use their combined trade experience of more than 100 years to solve each and every enquiry.

As glass merchants established in 1931, we’re comfortable working with every type of glass. Below, we’ve listed some of the more common types we work with, and what we use them for.

Obscured Glass – This glazing option comes with a patterned or frosted finished to prevent a clear view through on either side. Used to enhance privacy for Palmers Green properties, obscured glass is a popular choice in our window glass replacement service, particularly for bathrooms. We also apply obscured glass to our glass splashbacks to suit the stylistic requirements of any customer.

Toughened Glass – A highly versatile, durable glazing option, toughened glass remains a popular choice with our Palmers Green customers. To create these hardwearing qualities, float glass has to be heated in a furnace before being rapidly cooled down. This thermal tempering process makes toughened glass highly-resistant to breakages and less likely to require repairs. As such, toughened glass is perfect for our range of glass splashbacks, security glass and toughened made to measure mirrors.

Fire Glass – For some property owners in Palmers Green, fire glass is a legal requirement. In order to protect residents or staff in larger premises, fire glass variations are classified depending on their integrity period and insulation period. These classifications are the result of rigorous, independent testing that ensures fire glass remains inside its frame for a set period of time, even under the most demanding of temperatures. Varying from 20 minutes to 3 hours, fire glass provides all-important extra time for occupants to evacuate a burning building.

Stained Glass – Offering a classical touch, stained glass provides both aesthetic and security advantages for Palmers Green properties. Created by adding metallic salts for colouration during the manufacture process, our time-served personnel use strips of lead to create any design as requested by our customers. When installed by our expert staff, stained glass is a colourful addition to any Palmers Green home and provides added privacy for windows in prominent places.

Mirrored Glass – By using a combination of float glass with an approximate thickness of 4mm to 6mm, reflective coatings of either silver, aluminium or gold and an additional protective coating, mirrored glass is created. As the name suggests, this type of glass is used for our range of made to measure mirrors. We can cut mirrored glass to any shape and in a variety of finishes to create perfectly fitting made to measure mirrors for homes, shops, restaurants and gyms in Palmers Green.

So, from glass splashbacks to window glass replacement, Hond & Langer can cut, shape and frame glass of any kind to fulfil the requirements of our Palmers Green customers.

For more information on our stained glass, fire glass, made to measure mirrors, glass splashbacks & window glass replacement options in Palmers Green, call 0208 360 5000.

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