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Fire Glass and Window Glass in Potters Bar | Improving the Security of a Property

At Hond and Langer Ltd, we understand that a house is more than just four walls and a roof. It is a safe haven for friends and family, a place in which to create and store memories, and a treasure trove of personal, often irreplaceable possessions. We understand that suffering a burglary or break-in can have devastating effects on a family and their overall comfort in a home. That is why we offer a range of products, at our showroom in Enfield, to help improve the security of properties throughout the Potters Bar area.

With over 100 years of shared experience manufacturing, supplying and installing products such as glass splashbacks, stained glass, fire glass, window glass and made to measure mirrors, our personnel know what it takes to make a home secure.

Some of the products and services we provide to help protect homes in Potters Bar from intruders and vandalism include:

Composite Doors

At Hond and Langer Ltd, we supply and install composite doors by major leading brands, such as Rockdoor, as both front and back entry doors. Composite doors offer the highest level of security compared to other materials, such as uPVC. They are also available in a range of styles, colours and finishes.

Standard doors come with laminated glass inserts which offer excellent protection, but we can also install alternatives using stained glass, for that added aesthetic appeal.

Stained Glass

Although predominantly used to add colour and intrigue to a property, stained glass windows can also provide a certain degree of privacy. Obscuring the view of passersby, they make an excellent deterrent against burglaries whilst providing a light and airy feel to any entrance hallway or downstairs bathroom.

While most of our customers in the Potters Bar area may consider stained glass as a fragile material, we carry out bespoke orders for double and triple-glazed stained glass windows.

We also manufacture all our products from safety glass for extra strength and durability.

This includes our range of glass splashbacks, fire glass, window glass and made to measure mirrors.

Secondary Glazing

This involves installing a ‘secondary’ window on the inside of an existing primary window at your home in Potters Bar. This cost-effective home improvement creates a double-glazed effect, which not only helps with heat retention and sound insulation, but also adds an extra level of security to your windows.

Our window glass is suitable for a range of secondary window designs, hanging styles and opening mechanisms, including:

• Top, bottom or side hung
• Lift-outs
• Horizontal and vertical sliders
• Sash, casement and cottage windows
• Tilt-and-turn and pivot windows

Secondary glazing is perfect for homeowners around Potters Bar who live in conservation areas or listed buildings, restricting them from making any changes to their external primary window glass.

Same-Day Service

If you live in the Potters Bar area and are unfortunate enough to have suffered a break-in, or some form of vandalism or weather damage leading to broken windows, we perform a same-day service for morning orders of all window glass replacements. This ensures that our customers can secure their homes before the day is out, protecting them from further damage or potential intruders.

We also provide this service for our made to measure mirrors, but our bespoke glass splashbacks, fire glass partitions and stained glass windows tend to take a little longer, to guarantee the highest quality.

Call us on 0208 360 5000 to improve home security with fire glass, stained glass and window glass, as well as for glass splashbacks and made to measure mirrors in the Potters Bar area.

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