High quality glass tabletops

Give your dining room a luxurious and sophisticated feel with our glass tabletop installations. Whether you require a glass tabletop as a cover for an existing table or as a bespoke top for a new one, the team of experts at Hond & Langer are here to help. You can always expect the highest standards of quality when it comes to our glass installations. For your peace of mind, we use safety glass, which is six times stronger than regular glass. 

We are based in London and also serve throughout the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate.
glass tabletop

Why get a glass tabletop?

  • Elegant appearance
  • Increases the lifespan of wood furniture
  • Convenient to maintain
  • Glass can be cut to any size
stylish tabletop

Versatile design

One of the main advantages of glass tabletops is that they have a neutral appearance which suits the decor of most rooms. In addition to our tabletops, you can also come to us for shower screens.
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