Fire Glass and Stained Glass in Waltham Cross | Lowering Utility Bills Whilst Adding Aesthetic Appeal to a Property

When it comes to making home improvements, we all like to see a decent return on our investment. However, while certain renovations and refurbishments can add to the resale value of a home and its saleability, that is of little incentive to homeowners not looking to sell anytime soon. At Hond and Langer Ltd, we offer a range of products and services that will not only increase the kerb appeal or interior aesthetic of your home in Waltham Cross, but will also improve its energy efficiency and safety. This, in turn, could help to lower your utility bills and house insurance premiums.


Operating out of our showroom and headquarters in Enfield, we have a dedicated team of professionals with over 100 years of shared experience as specialists in fire glass, glass splashbacks, stained glass, window glass and made to measure mirrors.


Some of the home improvements that can help to upgrade the energy efficiency, safety, security and visual appeal of a home in Waltham Cross include:


Stained Glass – While most people only associate stained glass windows with churches and cathedrals, they make an excellent addition to any property. Whether as an insert for a front door, a cloakroom window or a glass partition between rooms, stained glass delivers on aesthetic appeal whilst providing an element of privacy.


We offer bespoke stained glass designs, using stick-on lead to match any pattern you can think of, and we manufacture all our products with safety glass for added durability, safety and security. This includes our range of glass splashbacks, window glass, fire glass and made to measure mirrors.


All our double and triple-glazed stained glass and window glass also help improve energy efficiency and heat retention.


Fire Glass – Unlike standard glass and tempered glass, which break at around 120˚C and 260˚C respectively, fire glass maintains its structural integrity beyond 870˚C, providing unparalleled protection in case of a fire at your property in Waltham Cross. With such impressive insulation, they also nullify draughts and improve heat retention, which can help to lower your heating bills.


Fire glass partitions and doors stop fires and smoke from spreading to other rooms, restricting the damage to your home whilst providing valuable time for occupants to escape. This can save you time and money on repairs and insurance claims.


Much like our stained glass products, glass splashbacks and made to measure mirrors, fire glass can also provide a visual appeal. Available in a range of colours, rounded beads of fire glass make a stunning alternative to lava rocks and decorative coals in fireplaces and outdoor fire pits, landscaping mulch for gardens, and even to replace aquarium gravel in fish tanks.


Window Glass Replacements – Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord in Waltham Cross, upgrading your windows with our toughened glass, stained glass or laminated glass options will not only provide greater protection against weather damage and break-ins, but it will also increase the energy efficiency of your property.


As a responsible company of glaziers, Hond and Langer Ltd ensures all our work complies with the current Building Regulations for fire safety, energy efficiency and safety glazing.


From our made to measure mirrors to our glass splashbacks, we only manufacture, supply and install products of the highest quality.

Call us on 0208 360 5000 to upgrade your property in Waltham Cross with fire glass, stained glass, window glass, glass splashbacks and made to measure mirrors.